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Transfer and exchange

The company has a special service for transferring and exchanging packages. It helps expand the capabilities of subscribers.

The transfer allows you to spend the remaining packages of traffic, minutes and SMS in the next month. The exchange helps you get gigabytes instead of minutes to use the Internet.

The transfer is carried out automatically on My Conversation, Online and Online+ tariffs. To exchange minutes for traffic, customers need to use the operator's application. This procedure is quite simple:

  1. Download the application to your smartphone.
  2. Log in there.
  3. Select the item with transfer.
  4. Determine the number of minutes you want to give up.
  5. Confirm the operation.
  6. The client is immediately given gigabytes in exchange.

Archived options

These plans are closed for subscription, but are still valid for those who managed to switch to them before cancellation. Let's look at them briefly below.

Infinitely black:

  • 360 rub./month;
  • 200 minutes and SMS;
  • Unlimited Internet;

My online 07.2017:

  • 350 rub./month;
  • 400 minutes;
  • 50 SMS;
  • 8 GB;

My conversation 09.2017:

  • 290 rub./month;
  • 300 minutes;
  • 50 SMS;
  • 1 GB;

Very black:

  • 290 rub./month;
  • 500 minutes and SMS;
  • 1 GB;

The most black:

  • 340 rub./month;
  • 550 minutes and SMS;
  • 5 GB;

Super black:

  • 3490 rub./month;
  • 1000 minutes and SMS;
  • 8 GB.

If you still have any questions, the official Tele2 Lipetsk website will come to your aid. Well, now, after we have discussed all the existing and closed offers, it is worth looking at some parameters that are important to consider when using.

Current archive rates

All contracts eventually go into reserve, into the archive list, but subscribers who connected them earlier do not lose anything; the offer continues to work along with new TPs. We advise you not to linger in the past and activate the latest developments on your phone, which are even more profitable than the previous ones.

Let's take a look at what tariffs consumers could connect to earlier and which are still being serviced:

Name of TPBlackM.R. PLUS 11_2017 Infinitely blackSuper blackThe most blackVery Black
Subscriber replenishments, rub./month.99190290490290190
Conversations on the Tele2 network0.00 x 2.00Unlimited connections nationwide
Communication package in minutes503002001200600400
Exceeding the package limit, rub. — min. 1,50
Within the Russian Federation11,002,0011,003,003,003,00
SMS - letters502001200600400
In the region of the agreement, rub. PC. 1,501,502,501,501,501,50
Beyond its borders2,50
Data traffic, GB0,5003Full unlimited863


Let's start our review with prices that apply to all tariffs. Please note that only prices that differ from this list will be listed below.

  • Internet: 500 MB for 50.00;
  • Calls:

— to home region numbers – 1.50; — to Russian numbers – 2.00; — calls to the CIS – 30.00; — calls to Europe – 49.00; — calls to other countries – 69.00; — satellite communications – 399.00;

  • SMS:

— home region – 1.50; — Russian Federation number – 2.50; — for international destinations – 5.50; - MMS - 6.50.

Tele2 Samara


Description: Support service for TELE2 Samara subscribers - 2510111, from Tele2 mobile phones - 611.

This group was created for cellular subscribers of TELE2 Samara. #Tele2 #Tele2 #Tele2Samara #Tele2Samara Website: Location: Tele2 Samara, Samara

Don't limit yourself during self-isolation!

Find out which VKontakte tools will help you maintain your usual rhythm of life when you need to stay at home. View

Tele2 will add gigabytes to those who are sitting at home #stayathome #athomefriendsrules

Tele2, an alternative mobile operator, is awarding gigabytes to subscribers who follow recommendations to combat coronavirus and stay at home. Show in full... The company is launching the “#homerulesathome” campaign. Thus, the operator encourages compliance with the self-isolation regime throughout Russia, creates additional opportunities for using online services and, among other things, protects subscribers of the “Social” tariff - the most vulnerable audience now

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, it is important to maintain self-isolation, minimize the number of contacts and protect older people who are most vulnerable to infection. Tele2 urges subscribers to take care of themselves and loved ones and encourages them to stay at home

For every day at home, Tele2 automatically credits customers with 1 GB of traffic. Gigabytes are cumulative and valid for a month from the first day the client begins to comply with the rules of self-isolation. The “#homefriendrules” promotion applies to all current tariffs: archived and open-for-connection tariffs of the “My Tele2”, “Premium” and “Everywhere Online” line. Gigabytes are also awarded to users of the Social tariff, who are most at risk and must comply with quarantine. Previously, Tele2 contributed as much as possible to educating these subscribers regarding the use of online services. The quarantine and self-isolation regime is the best time to continue mastering digital services. Gigabytes are credited to the user even if he left home to go to the nearest pharmacy or buy groceries. Big data algorithms allow you to update the list of project participants by geolocation on a daily basis and automatically accrue “earned” Internet traffic. The promotion is valid for Tele2 customers throughout Russia. The operator will credit gigabytes during the week declared non-working - from March 28 to April 5, and the gigabytes themselves will be valid for 30 days. Depending on changes in the external situation, the operator will decide on the possibility of extending the offer.


The tariffs provided by Tele 2 in the Samara region can be found in the “Mobile Communications” menu in the “Tariffs and Options” tab.

Tariff “My Online+” for 300 rubles. per month offers unlimited online conversations, 600 min. for calls with numbers of other operators, 30 GB of Internet. Using social networks is free. It is possible to customize the tariff yourself, adding additional services to it.

The “My Unlimited” tariff offers the following conditions:


The Premium tariff offers not only free calls on the Tele2 network, 40 GB of Internet and 2000 minutes for calls to numbers from other operators. If problems arise while using the tariff, you can call at any time of the day to a special line dedicated to the premium segment of subscribers.


The “Classic” tariff does not imply a subscription fee. To use it, you need to have money in your account or receive more calls than make calls yourself.

Billing is carried out on a per minute basis. You can connect to one of the Internet packages offered by your operator.

Internet for devices

The “Internet for Devices” tariff is purchased to be installed on a tablet or modem. There is no fixed prepayment here either; billing is carried out per second. To connect one of the Internet packages, turn on the button next to its description so that it becomes active (turns blue).

Mobile Internet

The “Mobile Internet” tariff in the Samara region offers the following class=”aligncenter” width=”603″ height=”498″[/img]

You can add traffic in the “Renew” tab. This service is used if all gigabytes have already been used, and there is still some time left before a new accrual.

Subscribers of the Tele2 operator can save significantly by clicking on the tab of the same name in the same menu.


You need to find out roaming tariffs before traveling abroad. Enter the name of the country in the top line.

Roaming services do not need to be activated by Tele2 cardholders. But the conditions will differ depending on the tariff plan used. The right column of the tab describes in detail all the features of working in roaming, the help desk phone number and the balance check command.

By activating the “Autopayment” option, Visa bank card holders can use unlimited Internet. The period of unlimited use can be 7, 14 or 28 days depending on the type of bank card. Visa Infinite cardholders can get the most. The offer is promotional, it runs until the end of the year, but then can be continued.

Comparison of current tariffs from TELE2 in the Lipetsk region in 2021.

Home / Tariffs in the Lipetsk region and Lipetsk: Classic, My Online, My Conversation

In 2021, 6 tariffs from Tele2 are in effect in the Lipetsk region and Lipetsk. In addition, you can configure 13 more tariffs yourself, although you will not always be able to get an advantageous offer compared to standard tariffs. 5 standard tariffs with a subscription fee: My Tele2, My conversation, My online, My online +, Classic. With a subscription fee from 2 rubles/day or 60 rubles per month on the “Classic” tariff, up to 600 rubles/month on the “My Online +” tariff.

At TELE2 in Lipetsk the most profitable , if you use the Internet and mobile communications moderately, can be considered the “My Conversation” tariff, for 270 rubles per month you will receive: 200 minutes to all numbers in your home region, 5 gigabytes of Internet and a package of 50 SMS messages to home numbers.

The most expensive tariff for 600 rubles per month is called “My Online Plus”. For 600 per month, the tariff includes: 600 minutes within Russia, 22 gigabytes of Internet and a package of 50 SMS messages to home numbers.

The cheapest tariff “Classic” for 2 rubles per day or 60 per month does not have traffic packages or minutes. The cost of calls to home numbers is 1.20 rubles per minute, on TELE2 in Russia - 2.00 rubles per minute.

For those who are interested in mobile Internet, there is an “Internet for Devices”

. In Lipetsk and the Lipetsk region there is no monthly fee, unlike, for example, the same tariff in Moscow and the Moscow region with a monthly fee of 299 rubles. You can read more about tariffs and packages for mobile Internet in the Lipetsk region on our website.

You can compare TELE2 tariffs with Beeline tariffs in Lipetsk and the Lipetsk region

Comparison of tariffs in Lipetsk and Lipetsk region

My Tele2My conversationMy onlineMy online +
Subscription fee9 rub./day270 rub./month350 rub./month600 rub./month
Package of minutesNo package of minutes min.200 min. to all numbers in your home region 400 min.600 min. in Russia
Calls to Tele2Calls to Tele2 Lipetsk region - free Calls to Tele2 Russia - free (do not consume the package min.)Calls to Tele2 Lipetsk region - free Calls to Tele2 Russia - free (do not consume the package min.)Calls to Tele2 Lipetsk region - free Calls to Tele2 Russia - free (do not consume the package min.)Calls to Tele2 Lipetsk region - free Calls to Tele2 Russia - free (do not consume the package min.)
Internet package7 GB + unlimited traffic on Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, and instant messengers5 GB12 GB + unlimited traffic on Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, and instant messengers22 GB + unlimited traffic on Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, and instant messengers
SMS to phone numbers in the Lipetsk region1.5050 SMS further 1.5050 SMS further 1.5050 SMS further 1.50
SMS to mobile numbers in Russia2.50 RUR/SMS2.50 RUR/SMS2.50 RUR/SMS2.50 RUR/SMS
MMS in Russia6.50 RUR/SMS6.50 RUR/SMS6.50 RUR/SMS6.50 RUR/SMS
SMS abroad5.50 RUR/SMS5.50 RUR/SMS5.50 RUR/SMS5.50 RUR/SMS
Roaming when traveling within Russia (except for Sevastopol and the Republic of Crimea)Preferential roaming: incoming calls are free, outgoing calls to Russian numbers are 2 rubles/min, basic roaming rates apply to SMS within RussiaIncoming calls are free, outgoing calls to Russian numbers are 2 rubles/min.Incoming calls are free, outgoing calls to Russian numbers are 2 rubles/min.Preferential roaming: incoming calls are free, outgoing calls to Russian numbers are 2 rubles/min.
Calls and SMS above the package when in the Lipetsk regionCalls and SMS over the package/for non-payment - 1.50 rub./min and 1.50 rub./SMS. In Russia 2.00 rub./min, 2.50 rub./SMS Calls and SMS over the package/for non-payment - 1.50 rub./min and 1.50 rub./SMS. In Russia 2.00 rub./min, 2.50 rub./SMS Calls and SMS over the package/for non-payment - 1.50 rub./min and 1.50 rub./SMS. In Russia 2.00 rub./min, 2.50 rub./SMS Calls and SMS over the package/for non-payment - 1.50 rub./min and 1.50 rub./SMS. In Russia 2.00 rub./min, 2.50 rub./SMS
Cost of calls to the CIS30.00 rubles per minute30.00 rubles per minute30.00 rubles per minute30.00 rubles per minute
Calls to Europe and the Baltic countries49.00 rubles per minute49.00 rubles per minute49.00 rubles per minute49.00 rubles per minute
Calls to other countries69.00 rubles per minute69.00 rubles per minute69.00 rubles per minute69.00 rubles per minute
Internet in excess of the package / in case of non-payment of the subscription feeThe “More” option is active/no accessThe “More” option is active/no accessThe “More” option is active/no accessThe “More” option is active/no access
"More" optionadditional traffic 500 MB for 50.00 rubadditional traffic 500 MB for 50.00 rubadditional traffic 500 MB for 50.00 rubadditional traffic 500 MB for 50.00 rub
Transferring packagesYesYesYes

If at the time the subscription fee is charged there is not enough money in the subscriber’s account, then call rates change until the balance is replenished to an amount sufficient to charge the subscription fee

The cost of calls if you do not pay a subscription fee is presented in the table below

My Tele2My conversationMy onlineMy online +
Cost of calls to TELE2 home region1.5 rub.1.95 rub.1.95 rub.1.95 rub.
Cost of calls to other numbers in the Lipetsk region1.5 rub.1.95 rub.1.95 rub.1.95 rub.
Cost of calls to TELE2 Russia1.5 rub.2 rub.2 rub.2 rub.
Cost of calls to Russian numbers9 rub.9 rub.9 rub.9 rub.
SMS to home numbers1.5 rub.1.5 rub.1.5 rub.1.5 rub.
SMS to numbers in Russia2.5 rub.2.5 rub.2.5 rub.2.5 rub.

Classic tariff and Internet tariff without monthly fee in Lipetsk and the Lipetsk region.

ClassicalInternet for devices
Subscription fee2 rubles/day0 RUR/day
Internet10 MB of traffic for 15.00 rub.1.80 RUR/MB
Cost of calls to regional numbers1,201.8
Cost of calls to Tele2 Russia numbers2,002
Cost of calls to numbers within Russia9,009Cost of calls to the CIS30,0030Cost of calls to numbers in Europe and the Baltic countries49,0049Cost of calls to other countries69,0069Cost of SMS to regional numbers1,502.5Cost of SMS to Russian numbers2,502.5Cost of SMS to foreign numbers5,505.5Cost of MMS to Russian numbers6,506.5

How to change or switch to tariffs in Lipetsk and the Lipetsk region.

To switch to the “My Tele2”

you can type ussd command:

To switch to the “My Conversation”

type ussd command:

To switch to the “My Online”

type ussd command:

To switch to the “My Online +”

type ussd command:

To switch to the “Classic”

type ussd command:

To switch to the “Internet for Devices”

call the number:

The cost of the transition is free, but only if you have not changed your tariff within 30 days. If you changed the tariff, then the cost of switching is 150 rubles, except for the “Internet for Devices” and “Classic” tariffs - 35 rubles.

How to disable Tele2 tariff in Lipetsk and Lipetsk region

You can't just turn off your data plan without switching to another one. If you do not want to use TELE2 services for some time, you can block the SIM card for free. A blocked SIM card can be restored while preserving the number and funds.

You can block a SIM card in your personal account, or by contacting:

  • to support service - 611
  • to the communication salon

To block a SIM card, identification is required:

  • by phone – code word, PUK code of the SIM card or owner’s passport details
  • in the communication salon - an identity document
  • No additional identification is required in your personal account.

How to find out the remaining minutes and traffic on Tele2 tariffs in Lipetsk and the Lipetsk region

To obtain information on the consumption of your Internet packages, SMS and calls, dial the USSD command: *155*0#

How to disable additional 500 megabytes for 50 rubles

If you use up the Internet package on your tariff:

  • My Tele2: 7 GB
  • My conversation: 5 GB
  • My online: 12 GB
  • My online +: 22 GB

then an additional 500 megabytes will be automatically connected to you for 50 rubles, this procedure will be repeated up to 5 times a month.
Users prefer to activate additional packages themselves. To disable the 500 megabyte package, dial the USSD command: *155*412*0#

Exchange minutes for gigabytes.

After charging the subscription fee for the tariff, you can change gigabytes to minutes at any time and vice versa according to the exchange rate: 100 minutes = 1 GB


In the Lipetsk region you can get several options

For My Conversation :

  • 200 minutes and 5 GB
  • 100 minutes and 6 GB
  • 0 minutes and 7 GB

For the My online :

  • 400 minutes and 12 GB
  • 400 minutes and 13 GB
  • 300 minutes and 14 GB
  • 200 minutes and 15 GB
  • 100 minutes and 16 GB
  • 0 minutes and 17 GB

For the My Online Plus :

  • 600 minutes and 22 GB
  • 500 minutes and 23 GB
  • 400 minutes and 24 GB
  • 300 minutes and 25 GB
  • 200 minutes and 26 GB
  • 100 minutes and 27 GB
  • 0 minutes and 28 GB

You can exchange not only for gigabytes, but also for megabytes at the rate: 1 minute = 10.24 MB 10 minutes = 102.4 MB .

You can make an exchange using the USSD command: *155*62*#

Find out the number of minutes you can exchange for the Internet: *155*77#

Request details for exchanging minutes for gigabytes: *155*64#

Why should you choose this operator?

Of course, there are many cellular communication companies on the market offering their services. But why should you choose Tele2?

  1. A large number of different services are offered.
  2. Stable access to the World Wide Web is provided.
  3. The company has a large coverage area and ensures reliable signal reception.
  4. You can choose a suitable plan from among the available ones.
  5. You will appreciate the low prices for services and will be able to save money.
  6. The operator's line includes programs for various clients.
  7. The number of available options only increases over time.

Are you interested in operator programs? You can study all the plans open for transition in the picture.

Office addresses and opening hours [50]

AddressWorking hoursTelephoneMetro station
Aerodromnaya st., 40g(812) 989 00 22 or 611 from mobileSportivnaya – 1,189 km
Aerodromnaya st., 47A(812) 989 00 22 or 611 from mobileSportivnaya – 1,274 km
Aerodromnaya st., 47A (1)(812) 989 00 22 or 611 from mobileSportivnaya – 1,274 km
Vilonovskaya st., 138(812) 989 00 22 or 611 from mobileSamara — 1,506 km
Dachnaya st., 2(812) 989 00 22 or 611 from mobileAlabinskaya — 0.972 km
Zavodskoe highway, 111(812) 989 00 22 or 611 from mobilePobeda — 1,597 km
Kyiv st., 1(812) 989 00 22 or 611 from mobileMoskovskaya — 0.581 km
Komsomolskaya square, 1(812) 989 00 22 or 611 from mobileSamara — 1.676 km
Leningradskaya st., 69(812) 989 00 22 or 611 from mobileSamara — 1.125 km
Moskovskogo sh., 18 km., 25(812) 989 00 22 or 611 from mobile
Moskovskoe highway, 106(812) 989 00 22 or 611 from mobile
Moskovskoe highway, 15B(812) 989 00 22 or 611 from mobileGagarinskaya – 1,405 km
Moskovskoe highway, 163A(812) 989 00 22 or 611 from mobile
Moskovskoe highway, 185A(812) 989 00 22 or 611 from mobile
Moskovskoe highway, 24 km., 5(812) 989 00 22 or 611 from mobile
Novo-Vokzalnaya st., 219(812) 989 00 22 or 611 from mobile
Novo-Sadovaya st., 106(812) 989 00 22 or 611 from mobileRussian – 0.678 km
Novo-Sadovaya st., 160M(812) 989 00 22 or 611 from mobileRussian – 1,927 km
Novo-Sadovaya st., 181R(812) 989 00 22 or 611 from mobileRussian – 1,286 km
Novo-Sadovaya st., 305A(812) 989 00 22 or 611 from mobile
Novo-Sadovaya st., 349A(812) 989 00 22 or 611 from mobile
Novo-Sadovaya st., 389(812) 989 00 22 or 611 from mobile
Partizanskaya st., 56A(812) 989 00 22 or 611 from mobileMoskovskaya — 0.762 km
Penzenskaya st., 48(812) 989 00 22 or 611 from mobileMoskovskaya — 1,697 km
pl. Kirov, pav. 12 (812) 989 00 22 or 611 from mobileKirovskaya — 0.93 km
Pribrezhny village, Truda street, 1A, building 1daily, 12:00–19:00(812) 989 00 22 or 611 from mobile
Kirova Ave., 147(812) 989 00 22 or 611 from mobileKirovskaya — 1.13 km
Kirova Ave., 147 (1)(812) 989 00 22 or 611 from mobileKirovskaya — 1.127 km
Kirova Ave., 147 (2)(812) 989 00 22 or 611 from mobileKirovskaya — 1.127 km
Kirova Ave., 34B(812) 989 00 22 or 611 from mobileKirovskaya — 0.094 km
ave. Kirova, 283a daily, 9:00–20:00(812) 989 00 22 or 611 from mobile
ave. Kirova, 48 (812) 989 00 22 or 611 from mobileKirovskaya — 0.959 km
ave. Kirova, 5 daily, 9:00–20:00(812) 989 00 22 or 611 from mobile
Pugachevsky Ave., 25(812) 989 00 22 or 611 from mobile
Stara Zagora st., 283A(812) 989 00 22 or 611 from mobile
Tashkentskaya st., 96A(812) 989 00 22 or 611 from mobile
st. Aurora, 207 (812) 989 00 22 or 611 from mobileSportivnaya – 1.857 km
st. Ventseka, 43 (812) 989 00 22 or 611 from mobileSamara — 1,438 km
st. Gastello, 32 (812) 989 00 22 or 611 from mobile
st. Georgiy Dimitrova, 7A (812) 989 00 22 or 611 from mobile
st. Dimitrova, 95G (812) 989 00 22 or 611 from mobile
st. Dybenko, 30 (812) 989 00 22 or 611 from mobileSportivnaya – 0.722 km
st. Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, 7a (812) 989 00 22 or 611 from mobile
st. Lazo, 28A (812) 989 00 22 or 611 from mobile
st. Novo Vokzalnaya, 221 daily, 10:00–19:00(812) 989 00 22 or 611 from mobile
st. Sadovaya, 176 daily, 13:00–19:00(812) 989 00 22 or 611 from mobileSamara — 0.545 km
st. Sovetskaya, 12 daily, 13:00–19:00(812) 989 00 22 or 611 from mobileKirovskaya — 1.662 km
st. Ulyanovskaya/Yarmorochnaya, 52/55 (812) 989 00 22 or 611 from mobileSamara — 1.038 km
Yuzhnoe highway, 5(812) 989 00 22 or 611 from mobile
Yuzhnoe highway, 5 (1)(812) 989 00 22 or 611 from mobile

It also has representative offices in the following localities of the Russian Federation: Zhigulevsk, Kinel, Novokuibyshevsk, Oktyabrsk, Syzran, Tolyatti, Chapaevsk.

12/20/2017 18:25 Nadezhda wrote about the branch on

Terrible service, my husband and I came in today to choose earrings as a gift, after choosing at the checkout...

06/15/2017 07:54 Dmitry wrote about the branch on

Bullshit, just pay without interest

06/12/2017 16:51 Anatoly wrote about the branch on

Didn't find the office. Where is the phone number to contact?

Other cellular stores

Also in the city of Samara there are the following cellular communication stores: MegaFon, Svyaznoy, MTS, Rostelecom, Beeline, Euroset, Dom ru, Profi, Tricolor TV.

All companies in SamaraOther cellular storesAll Tele2 offices

Tele2 office addresses in Lipetsk

Tele2 operator offices operate in large and small cities and towns. In the city of Lipetsk , Tele2 offices are located at the following addresses:


  • Russia, Lipetsk, Pobeda Square, 1
  • Russia, Lipetsk, Sovetskaya street, 66
  • Russia, Lipetsk, German Titov street, 10
  • Russia, Lipetsk, Mira Square, 4
  • Russia, Lipetsk, Zegelya street, 11
  • Russia, Lipetsk, Gagarina street, 100B
  • Russia, Lipetsk, Kosmonavtov street, 98
  • Russia, Lipetsk, Avenue named after the 60th anniversary of the USSR, 20, bldg. 1
  • Russia, Lipetsk, Yana Berzina street, 3A
  • Russia, Lipetsk, Studenovskaya street, 184
  • Russia, Lipetsk, Leningradskaya street, 6A
  • Russia, Lipetsk, Katukova street, 11
  • Russia, Lipetsk, Stakhanova street, 36
  • Russia, Lipetsk, Avenue named after the 60th anniversary of the USSR, 34
  • Russia, Lipetsk, Angarskaya street, 3A
  • Russia, Lipetsk, Belana street, 26
  • Russia, Lipetsk, Katukova street, 51
  • Russia, Lipetsk, Kommunisticheskaya street, 4
  • Russia, Lipetsk, Pobedy Avenue, 89
  • Russia, Lipetsk, Matyrsky village, Morshanskaya street, 9

At the indicated addresses you can not only receive cellular communication services, but also purchase equipment presented in the office. The assortment may vary from office to office. You are guaranteed to be able to get advice at all points.

Review of current tariffs

The main step when connecting to cellular communications is determining the tariff plan. After all, a SIM card without a contract installed on it will not work. The provider offers customers a wide range of products to choose from. They all vary in cost and configuration. Fans of minimalism will find in the list classic proposals for simple communication without a clutter of additional functions. Some of the titles are aimed at young people; this is the main target audience of the company. And modern young people need constant access to network resources. Such TPs are supplied together with large traffic sets.

Let's look at offers on a per-minute and per-second basis. The simplest tariffs for calls. There are only two of these:

Corporate rates

Now business clients can also taste low prices. The provider has prepared special favorable conditions for legal entities and corporate subscribers, which differ significantly from TP for individuals. Such offers have special service. All changes within the framework of the contract are made only through an authorized person established in the organization. If an employee wants to solve a problem on his own, he should purchase a power of attorney or permission to edit data.

  1. Alpha. Cost -650 rubles. Almost inexhaustible volume of minutes, MMS and messages - 2000 min. Internet 3G, 4G – 15 gigabytes.
  2. Beta. In exchange for regular payments of 350 rubles. a corporate client receives 10 GB of traffic and 1000 minutes and SMS to the numbers of all operators.
  3. Gamma is the minimum set for business development. 500 min. and SMS, 5 GB for 180 rubles/month.

If the subscriber exceeds the specified volumes, the calculation is made as follows: for Tele2 phones - 0.00 rub./0.00 rub., for others - 1.50 rub. at home and 11.00 rub. around the country.

As you can see, the volume of component packages in Samara is quite large, which allows entrepreneurs to achieve unprecedented heights in their business or production. When connecting you will need:

  • write an application for registration;
  • attach a license, certificate of registration of individual entrepreneurs with the tax service;
  • personal documents of employees.

Personal account tele2

To create a personal account on the operator’s website, you need to fill out all the fields following the instructions, and then confirm your identity by entering a code in the appropriate field that will be sent to your mobile phone.

Click on the image to go

After completing the creation of your personal account, experts recommend setting a fairly complex password and writing it down in a place where outsiders will not have access to it. In addition, there are mobile applications for Android and iOS that have illogical functionality.

In your personal account or mobile application, you can quickly find out how much money is left in your account, study in detail all the conditions of your tariff plan and, if necessary, switch to another tariff plan if the current one for any reason no longer meets your preferences. In addition, it is possible to connect additional services and disable them when the need for them is no longer necessary. In addition to your card, you can also link the cards of your family and friends to your account, which will also allow you to control their expenses.

Let's consider the features and advantages of Tele2 in the Samara region, which can please subscribers of this operator.

Tariff parameters

Let's consider the main parameters of the tariff (the conditions are the same in all regions):

  • Subscription fee – 890 rubles per month.
  • Unlimited calls to Tele2 numbers in any region of Russia and 700 minutes for calls to other numbers in Russia.
  • Messages – package of 100 SMS to any numbers in Russia.
  • Mobile Internet – 30 GB + free traffic for YouTube and Twitch applications.

A very good set of parameters: normal unlimited within the network, an adequate package of minutes, SMS there just in case, 30 GB of mobile Internet, and YouTube and Twitch services that do not consume it. But the size of the subscription fee has let us down a little - 890 rubles per month. For example, the “Unlimited” tariff with unlimited mobile Internet will cost 750 rubles per month, that is, 140 rubles cheaper. Let's see what kind of aces "Gaming" has up its sleeve.

Additional options and services

Today, a mobile operator can offer additional options and services that make cellular communication practical and convenient. Before connecting to a specific service, we suggest looking at the offers from different angles and finding out all the advantages and disadvantages.


Tele2 roaming abroad is connected to all users of the mobile operator in Samara and the Samara region by default and does not require additional activation. Tariffing in roaming is per second, and the price of Internet traffic and one minute of conversation depends on the country in which the subscriber will be located.

Mobile Internet services

Separately, mobile operator subscribers in Samara and the Samara region can connect to different mobile Internet packages, which provide restrictions of 1-40 gigabytes per month.

The price of services varies from 100 to 600 rubles per month .

If necessary, the subscriber has the opportunity to extend Internet access if the limit established by the tariff plan has been used up. As a result, it is possible to extend the Internet by a day by adding another 100 or 500 MB. Or connect 1 or 3 GB for a month.

The price for renewing Internet services is from 12 to 200 rubles .

Packages of minutes and SMS messages

If necessary, the company's client will be able to connect calls and messages.

A package of 100 SMS messages will cost 75 rubles per month , a package of 300 SMS messages costs 150 rubles per month .

In addition, you can buy:

  • full unlimited within the network;
  • profitable calls to Crimea and abroad;
  • the same cost of calls when traveling around the country.

You will need to pay extra from 2 to 5 rubles per day .

Manage mobile options

Cellular options management includes:

  • Tele2 security - hidden number detector and number hiding, black list of numbers, antispam and so on;
  • call management - conference calls, call forwarding, voice mail and other services;
  • operations with a number - city number, blocking and restoring a SIM card, changing and porting a number, or buying a beautiful number and detailing calls in your Tele2 personal account;
  • certain options at zero - replenishing an account and checking the remaining minutes, mobile transfer, trust payment, help from a friend, beacon.
  • entertainment services - with a free catalog of melodies, checking subscription.

Included services by default

On any SIM card, upon purchase, the main set of services is activated. There is no daily charge for using them. They work in the background until the owner calls. Such options function perfectly on old and current Tele2 tariffs. Let's look at the most famous ones:

  1. Transfer of balances. You no longer have to worry that the remaining traffic and minutes will expire at the end of the month. Now they automatically complement the subsequent set.
  2. Informer. The company does not tie the hands of subscribers who have zero in their account. They can also communicate. Dial a friend's phone number, at the end of the line he will receive a letter asking to talk.
  3. I am in touch. Let your friends know that you are able to answer calls again. *128# — detailed information about the service. *128*1# - connection, cancellation - *128*0#.
  4. Forwarding. This service will transfer all calls to a specially installed device. To disable, dial the command -##002#. Don't forget to deactivate while traveling in roaming.
  5. Convert minutes to GB. Exchange your remaining calls for high-speed Internet. At the moment, the following exchange rate is relevant: 1 minute of communication is equal to 10 megabytes of traffic.
  6. Caller ID. You will always know who is trying to call. Deciphers even hidden combinations.
  7. Beacon. Inform your interlocutors about yourself if your mobile account balance is zero. To send a free message requesting a call, enter *118*892…..#.
  8. Mobile translation. Make transactions and top up your mobile phone directly from home. Simply dial *145# and the setup menu will appear on the display. Follow the instructions on the screen.

There are tools and ways to manage all options:

  1. A special tab is implemented in the interface of your personal account and mobile application. It lists all valid services. The user is free to add and remove applications.
  2. The simplest is a personal visit to the subscriber branch. They are easy to find in almost every locality. Check the location on the map.
  3. The operator has a well-developed customer service. A call to 611 can resolve any issue that may arise.
  4. Enter the combination *189# on your smartphone keyboard, which will show detailed statistics about paid entertainment services. Such subscriptions may be self-activated and not all of them are provided by the provider. It’s easy to pick up various types of viruses and adware on the Internet. To remove all useless and necessary options at once, the code is *152*0#.

Tele2 tariff plans: Samara region

The Tele2 operator makes sure that each client can receive communication services and Internet access to the extent that he needs, without overpaying for something that he will not use. For this reason, the company’s specialists have developed several tariff plans with different conditions.

Tele2 mobile operator tariffs

For example, the “My Tele2” tariff requires payment of 8 rubles per day. For this amount, the subscriber receives 6GB of Internet traffic, unlimited access to the most popular instant messengers and social networks, as well as unlimited calls to other subscribers of the operator, regardless of their location.

The “My Conversation” tariff plan requires a monthly payment of 240 rubles. For this money, the subscriber receives 2 GB of traffic, 150 minutes, which can be spent on calls to subscribers of other operators located in the same region, the ability to make unlimited calls to Tele2 subscribers throughout the Russian Federation, as well as 50 SMS messages.

The “My Online” tariff costs 340 rubles per month and includes a 10 GB traffic package combined with unlimited access to the most popular Internet applications, as well as unlimited calls to Tele2 and 350 minutes of calls to subscribers of other operators. In addition, the price of the service includes 50 SMS messages.

The “My Online+” tariff differs from the previous one only in cost (600 rubles), twice as much traffic and the fact that calls to subscribers of other operators are allocated not 350, but 650 minutes. In addition, subscribers are offered a classic tariff and a tariff offering Internet for devices. Both of these offers have no subscription fees.

But it is worth remembering that the cost of services may vary depending on the region and city. You also need to know what types of networks are used in the Samara region, and whether this mobile operator generally provides cellular services in your region.

Group "Moi"

Let's start our article with a review of the "Moy" line. All tariffs in this group have the same options, namely:

  • Unlimited within the network;
  • Transfer of balances;
  • Exchange minutes for GB (excluding “My Tele2”);
  • International and long-distance access;
  • Trips around Russia;
  • Roaming abroad;
  • Call forwarding;
  • Call Waiting/Hold;
  • SMS;
  • USSD;
  • Services based on packet data transmission;
  • I am in touch;
  • Informer;
  • Voice mail;
  • Caller ID;
  • Who called;
  • Access to content;
  • Free traffic from social networks, WhatsApp, Viber and TamTam (except for the “My Conversation” tariff);
  • Free traffic in Tele2 TV and Zvooq mobile applications.
  • Additionally, depending on the plan, you can connect paid access to applications:
  • Yandex maps;
  • YouTube.

Now let’s move on to a detailed analysis of all tariff plans, since in addition to the general list of services, the subscription fee also includes other options.

Let's go!

Reasoning logically that Tele2 would certainly try to impress customers in shopping centers, I went to Zavodskoye Shosse, where other mobile operators traditionally have modest performance. Having climbed deep into the industrial zone, I launched speedtest. Near the entrance of the ice cream factory, the needle went off scale - the reception speed was more than 10 Mbit/sec. After such indicators, the excitement of hunting appeared. Tele2, having abandoned 4G for now, reasonably assumed that the 3G standard still has some reserve. Only occasionally did the speed drop to EDGE standards - near the television center and for some reason in the Pirogovka area. Otherwise, it was rare that the download speed was below 3 Mbit/sec, and in some places it rose above 10. As a result, I made a map with the points where I conducted tests.

In Bezymyanka, the speed of the mobile Internet was a pleasant surprise. On Zavodskoye Highway I checked the speed several times - both in the area of ​​Maltsev Passage and on Kabelnaya. From 5.5 to 10.5 Mbit/sec.

Near SSEU the speed was not particularly impressive - 2.89 Mbit/sec, although this is more than enough for Instagram and social networks. But at the spot near the Power of Sports shopping center, photos can be uploaded to Instagram in batches - 5.71 Mbit/sec.

Near the body. If near the checkpoint Speedtest painfully determined Ping and hung for a long time in the connection speed test, then 100 meters higher everything worked - 4.46 Mbit/sec.

Near Pirogovka the connection dropped, but after 200 meters 3G started working again. Near the monument to Zasekin, the Speedtest needle squeezed up to 8.11 Mbit/sec.

The results at Den were even better - while in line for beer you can surf the Internet without restrictions, watch movies, download from torrents or broadcast online. Download speed - 10.93 Mbps. Data transfer speed - 3.26 Mbit/s.

But near the city hall, the figures turned out to be much more modest - 3.44 Mbit/sec.


If any difficulties arise while using the services of the Tele2 operator in the Samara region, or you need to find out some information, you can always contact the support service. From a mobile phone into which an active Tele2 SIM card is inserted, you need to dial 611, then either select the section corresponding to your request in the voice menu, or press “0” to contact the operator. From other landline and mobile phones you should dial 88005550611. It is free from any phone number throughout the Russian Federation. Those subscribers who are outside the country while roaming can contact the operator at +7 951 5200611.

Below you can familiarize yourself with the USSD commands of the mobile operator.

USSD commands tele2

Personal account features

After registration and authorization on the site, the client gains access to his personal account and all its capabilities. Your personal account is one of the important sections of the Tele2 website. In it, the client can manage communication services and be aware of expenses without going to the customer service department.

The functionality of your personal account allows you to:

  • Perform balance check
  • Top up your account without any commissions,
  • Receive information on your tariff plan,
  • Choose the most suitable tariff plan from those available on the website,
  • Connect and disconnect various services,
  • Order traffic packages,
  • Receive detailed account information to your email,
  • Check balance
  • Activate the automatic payment service,
  • Take advantage of offers from Tele2 partners with the possibility of receiving discounts and cashback.

The organization has representative offices in 67 regions of the country, including Moscow and St. Petersburg. The features of the company include:

  • Providing high quality communication services,
  • Providing high-speed mobile Internet at competitive rates,
  • Availability of own infrastructure for network development,
  • The staff consists of over 7,000 highly qualified workers.

Operator Tele2 in Kaliningrad; tariffs for cellular communications

Tele2 has different roaming conditions, which you can learn more about through your personal account if the tariff has already been set, or when reading the contents of the package. For example, for the “My Unlimited” tariff the following conditions are relevant: “My Unlimited”

Service name

For those who are immersed in the World Wide Web, a completely unlimited tariff is provided. Its conditions:

There are a total of 17 sales offices in the city.

  • Where is the Tele2 office in Kaliningrad Address|Tele2 offices in Kaliningrad Addresses List 2021|Tele2 offices in Kaliningrad Addresses and Phone numbers

There are 16 more points in the Kaliningrad region.

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