MTS (Vodafone) tariff plans for Donetsk region 2021 (updated 04/30/2018)

Date: 11 Dec 2020

Author: iMobile

Mobile operator MTS has launched a new tariff plan called “NETARIF”, which is positioned not as a tariff, but as a subscription to communications and services of the MTS ecosystem. However, this is still a tariff plan in the form of a constructor.

Let's look at the main tariff parameters using Moscow and the region as an example:

  • Package of minutes – 200 units to any numbers in Russia.
  • SMS package – 50 units to any numbers in Russia.
  • Internet package – 5 GB
  • Subscription fee – 476 rubles per month.

It would seem that this is far from the most profitable offer. But the tariff is a constructor. Basic set:

  • Package of minutes: from 200 to 2000
  • SMS package: 50 or 200
  • Internet package: from 5 to 30 GB + the ability to connect unlimited Internet for 130 rubles per month.

Facilities and services:

Here it is worth mentioning first that the cost of services depends on which packages you have chosen. The more minutes and internet packages you collect, the cheaper the additional options will be.

  • Unlimited social networks: Vkontakte, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Odnoklassniki - from 30 to 60 rubles per month.
  • Unlimited messengers: WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Discord, Skype and ICQ - free.
  • Unlimited videos: YouTube, Twitch and TikTok – from 50 to 100 rubles per month.
  • MTS TV, “Super+” subscription - from 49 to 299 rubles per month.
  • MTS Music – from 49 to 169 rubles per month.
  • Online cinema IVI – from 199 to 349 rubles per month.
  • MTS Library, “Books” subscription - from 199 to 349 rubles per month.
  • Unlimited calls to MTS Russia from 50 to 100 rubles.
  • Blocking spam calls from 1 to 30 rubles.

Cheap calls to Ukraine from Russia

Sometimes subscribers of Russian mobile operators have to make calls not only to numbers in their own or neighboring regions, but also international ones. Moreover, most of these challenges occur in Ukraine. Each operator has convenient tariff plans, using which you can significantly save on calls with foreign subscribers. Next, we will talk about two tariffs that offer the best conditions:

  • “Warm welcome from Megafon;
  • “Your country from MTS.

Also in this material we will look at the advantages of a good alternative - IP telephony, with which you can make cheap calls to nearby countries.

How to connect

You can connect to a profitable MTS tariff plan for mobile Internet in our office in Moscow, keeping your old phone number (transferred to our service), or buy a new number to connect to the tariff - in this case, all the documentation will be delivered to you by courier at a convenient time. The cost of delivery depends on the distance from the Moscow Ring Road.

Service for the number and tariff plan is provided around the clock using our customer support number in Moscow. You can quickly resolve any question you have (connecting/disabling options, etc.) by calling the contact center.

Review of favorable tariffs for calls to Ukraine

MTS is doing a little worse with calls to a neighboring country. There is no monthly subscription fee in the “Your Country” tariff. Only calls to Ukrainian MTS are profitable for subscribers; a minute of conversation will be 3.5 rubles. However, for this you will have to additionally enable the “Calls to MTS and Vodafone Ukraine” option. The cost of a minute of conversation with other operators from Ukraine is 20 rubles.

Accordingly, we can conclude that only Megafon has the most attractive price for calls. Connect “Warm welcome” and call numbers of any operators at a fixed cost . Nevertheless, to communicate with subscribers of the Ukrainian operator MTS, you can connect to the tariff described above “Your country from MTS. By the way, this operator has more advantageous offers for subscribers who often make calls to Kazakhstan.

Having studied all the currently available offers from Tele2, we could not find a tariff with which we could save money when calling to Ukraine. Calls to this country are charged the same as to others.

Connection cost “Year without monthly fee”

We can talk a lot about the advantages of the advance payment system, but it is better to see how beneficial it is. Let us clearly present the cost of connecting to an annual subscriber in the form of a table.

Connection costSavingCost for new clientsAdditional savings
Device S365175
Device M800160
Device L1300260
SuperNet Unlim2035185197560
SuperNet Pro1375125134035
SuperNet Start99018098010
Light450up to 450 UAH

The unit of measurement is hryvnia.

Vodafone subscription rates, of course, affect the cost of connection. But even the most inexperienced user can be convinced that the cost of a monthly subscription for a year is significantly lower than the product of a monthly subscription for a year. Savings of up to 50% are achieved in the Light Plus tariff from Vodafone, and for the rest up to 30%, which is also quite a lot.

IP telephony is the cheapest way

To make truly profitable calls to any Ukrainian phone number, we recommend paying attention to IP telephony technology. In addition, you don’t have to spend money on purchasing additional accessories for communication. However, if you wish, you can separately buy a special VOIP phone or adapter for more comfortable communication. If you don’t want to spend money on additional equipment, then you can limit yourself to the following:

  • a computer with a stable Internet connection;
  • headset with microphone;
  • a program installed on the PC through which calls will be made;
  • a paid account with a pre-selected IP operator.

When studying offers from companies providing such services, you should take a close look at the tariffs and choose the most acceptable offer . At the same time, prices for calls on some similar sites are much higher than those of mobile operators. Therefore, before registering and making payment, it is recommended to study all offers.

You also need to pay attention to the mobile or landline operator of the Ukrainian subscriber you need to call. This is due to the fact that companies involved in IP telephony often do not set a single price for communication with all operators in a particular country. So a call to a landline number can cost on average 5 rubles per minute. Conversations with subscribers of mobile operators will be a little more expensive.

For WiFi enabled devices

When you want to connect to MTS unlimited 4G internet and are looking for how much a SIM card costs, you need to understand that the cost consists of the amount of the tariff connected to it, the added options and the amount of funds in the account. Let us give as an example the two most popular connection options:

  • If you buy a modem or router from the company, you get the opportunity to connect to the “4 Mbit/s” program, which gives you full Unlimited for 750 rubles/month. Based on the name, the maximum transfer speed will not exceed 4 Mbit/s.

  • If you don’t know which unlimited Internet to choose for a laptop from MTS, the price of the service can be found on the website in the section with mobile communication tariffs. We recommend the “For Laptop” package for 800 rubles. per month with a transfer speed of 4 Mbit/sec.

Please note that when connecting to unlimited Internet on MTS, the cost may vary in different regions of Russia. The article provides figures for Moscow. To check prices for another city, go to the site and set your location.

International calls and SMS

  • Armenia MTS – 3 rubles/m. for the first 30 m., from the 31st – 5 rubles/m.
  • Ukraine, Kazakhstan on KCell and Vodafone – 3.50 rubles/m.
  • Tajikistan TCell – 4.50 rub./m.
  • China – 3 rubles.
  • Uzbekistan – 4.50 rub.
  • South Korea, Vietnam – 5 rubles/m.
  • Kyrgyzstan – 15 rub.
  • Abkhazia, Tajikistan, South Ossetia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan – 12 rubles/m.
  • Azerbaijan, Belarus – 25 rubles.
  • Georgia, Ukraine, Armenia – 20 rubles/m.
  • European countries – 49 rubles/m.
  • Rest of the world - 70 rub./m.
  • SMS – 5.90 rub.

Internet on a tariff plan

1 MB with “BIT/SuperBITSmart” - 0 rub.

Without the 1 MB option – 9.90 rub.

When you connect to “Guest”, you are offered 15 days of free use of the SuperBitSmart mobile Internet service. Provides 3 GB per month. Starting from the 16th day, the monthly fee is 11 rubles. daily. To check the remaining traffic, use the command * 217 #.

Internet traffic operates throughout the country, but is limited to 128 Kbps. speed in some regions: Norilsk, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Yakutsk, Magadan, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatka region, as well as Chukotka Autonomous Region. district. To disconnect, dial * 111 * 8650 # or use your personal account.

Advantages and disadvantages of the tariff

Pros of "Guest":

  • unlimited for “Guest” subscribers in your region,
  • single price for calls to St. Petersburg and the region. – 2 rubles,
  • one price for calls within Russia – 5 rubles,
  • free use of “SMS-smart” and “SuperBIT Smart” for 15 days,
  • no subscription fee,
  • low prices for calls to the CIS, Asia - from 3 rubles. in a minute.


  • from the 16th day “SMS-Smart”, “SuperBIT Smart” become paid,
  • high prices for MMS, calls to European countries, America,
  • different prices for communication depending on the region of residence.

Despite the fact that the tariff plan is quite new, many subscribers use it. It is especially beneficial for the Rostov, Vladimir and some other regions, as it offers a low cost per minute of conversation both within the network and to other phones in Russia.

MTS tariffs for calls to Ukraine from Russia guest

To find out your tariff for calls to Ukraine, use your “Personal Account” on the website To register in the system, simply enter your phone number (how to find out) and receive a temporary password to enter your “Personal Account”. It will take you no more than a few seconds.

Excellent performance at an affordable price. Introducing the new Tele2 Mini smartphone, which can be purchased at a price of 2,490 rubles - and not a penny more!

MTS tariffs

The package is valid from November 12, 2013 in the territory of the Republic of North Ossetia - Alania. Billing in the package is per minute. All calls are charged starting from 3 seconds.

This service is provided to subscribers of this tariff by default. In this case, the subscriber is provided with Internet traffic at 0 rubles per MB of received or transmitted information.

MTS "Guest" tariff - description, cost, reviews, how to connect

  • Armenia (MTS numbers) – 3 rubles. the first 30 minutes of the day, from 31 minutes - 5 rubles.
  • Ukraine to MTS and Vodafone numbers – 3.5 rubles. the first 30 minutes of conversation per day, after - 5 rubles.
  • Armenia (except for MTS phones), Ukraine (except for the numbers of the above operators), Georgia – 20 rubles.
  • South Korea and Vietnam – 5 rubles.
  • Turkmenistan, Abkhazia, Kazakhstan (except for KCell numbers), Tajikistan (except for TCell numbers), South Ossetia – 12 rubles.
  • Kazakhstan (when connecting to TCell subscribers) – 3.5 rubles.
  • Tajikistan (KCell numbers) – 4.5 rubles.
  • Belarus, Azerbaijan – 25 rubles.

The cost of switching to a tariff is 150 rubles if the subscriber has changed the service package in the last 30 days. In other cases, changing the TP is free of charge.

Tariff "Guest" from MTS - description of the tariff, how to connect and how to disconnect the tariff plan "Guest" from MTS

The SIM card cannot work without a data plan, so you can’t simply turn it off. But we have prepared for you 2 ways to do this:

  • block the SIM card temporarily if you do not plan to use it for some time; dial 1116 or command *111*157#,
  • move on to other conditions using the tips suggested above.
  • Change the tariff option in your Personal Account For the service to work, you need an Internet connection or access to WiFi.
  • To authorize, use your phone number, then click the “Receive password via SMS” button, enter the code in the “Password” field. When personal information on the SIM card opens, go to the “Services and tariff” column by selecting “Guest” by clicking.
  • Place your order for the starter package on the MTS website, selecting the address and delivery date.
  • Attention!

    Due to recent changes in legislation, the legal information in this article may be out of date! Our lawyer can advise you free of charge - write your question in the form below.

Unlimited for other devices

For other devices, MTS offers the following package options;

  • “For laptop” (suitable also for modems and routers);
  • "Smart device".
  • Each option offers its own terms of use and is designed for specific devices, which allows you to most effectively use the operator's capabilities for work and communication.

    For tablet

    A special tariff is designed for tablet devices, making surfing the Internet more profitable by limiting the capabilities of the purchased SIM card. This package of services is needed by those who require extremely stable network access.

    Terms of Use:

    • the subscription fee is 550 rubles per month;
    • available traffic – 10 GB;
    • it is possible to connect one unlimited option - “Video” (YouTube), “Television”, “Social networks”, “Video calls” (only if the user uses official applications and does not allow VPN to be turned on to bypass possible resource blocking).

    You can switch to the tariff through your personal account by purchasing a new SIM card (for both new and old users) or using the USSD command *111*845#.

    For laptop

    For a laptop, the service package includes a minimum of options - the main one is unlimited traffic to all Internet resources. This option is also suitable for modems and routers.


    • the subscription fee is 800 rubles per month;
    • unlimited access is limited to 4 Mbit/s;
    • when you are in your home region, you have the opportunity to make and receive calls, send and receive SMS messages at the cost established by the tariff (payment is not included in the basic service package).

    The “For Laptop” tariff allows you to connect special options – “Maximum speed for 3 hours” and “Maximum speed for 6 hours”. They allow you to remove the established restriction for a specified time. This function can be used both to watch videos in high-quality format and to download any files.

    You can activate the tariff by purchasing a starter package along with a new SIM card, through your personal account or using the command *111*3621#.

    Smart device

    The tariff is intended for smart watches, alarm systems and smart homes. The terms of use are as follows:

    • the first year payment is charged once in the amount of 800 rubles, from the 13th month you must pay 90 rubles monthly;
    • Internet traffic is 300 MB;
    • a minimum package of calls and SMS messages is provided - 30 minutes and 100 messages, respectively;
    • Using this option you can control your current balance.

    You can switch to the tariff through your personal account, by purchasing a new SIM card, or using the command *111*1725#.

    The service package is used exclusively for the devices mentioned and cannot be used on smartphones or tablets.

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